* * *  Complete Pistols  * * *

JPLTM Open Pistol


STI Frame and Slide…KKM Barrel…Beddell Comp…Flat top and JPL Panel Cut Rear Serration's…Swoop Lightening Cut Rear of Slide...Border Cut Slide and Comp…Ed Brown Safeties and Extractor…Dawson Ice Magwell…Extreme Engineering Fire Control Parts…C-More Sight…2 lb. Trigger…All top quality components



Add $325 for Hard Chrome (shipping not included)




JPLTM Limited Pistol


STI Frame and Slide…KKM Barrel, bull or bushing…Flat top and JPL Panel Cut Rear Serration's…Border Cut Slide…Ed Brown Safeties and Extractor…Dawson Ice Magwell…Extreme Engineering Fire Control Parts…Kensight Bomar rear and Dawson front sights…2 lb. Trigger…All top quality components



Add $315 for Hard Chrome (shipping not included)




JPLTM Open Pistol built on customer-supplied parts


JPLTM Limited Pistol built on customer-supplied parts


JPLTM Custom 1911 pistols

From $2700 - Contact for quote



General Service Charges

Per Man Hour


Per Man and Machine Hour


Written Cost Estimates


Minimum Charge Per Job


Detail Clean and Inspect




Top End Work

Fit Slide to Frame


Fit Match Barrel and Bushing


    Flush cut and crown barrel


    Ream chamber to proper headspace


Fit Match Bushing


Fit Match Barrel and Compensator


Fit and Adjust Extractor


Fit Full Length Guide Rod


Install Reverse Plug Guide Rod (includes cutting slide)


Install Dovetail Front Sight (includes cutting dovetail)


Fit Dovetail Front Sight


Install Stake-in Front Sight


Install Bomar Lo-Mount rear Sight (Hidden Leaf)


Install Novak Lo-Mount Rear Sight


Install Heinie Rear Sight





Frame Work

Fit Beavertail Grip Safety


    Machine frame for 0.250 radius grip safety


Fit High Grip Beavertail Grip Safety


   Pin grip safety


Fit Extended Thumb Safety


   Install Harrison thumb safety


Fit Ambidextrous Thumb Safety - Single Stack


Fit Ambidextrous Thumb Safety  STI/SVI


Fit Extended Magazine Release


Fit and Adjust Extended Ejector


Stake Plunger Tube


Bevel Magwell


Fit Smith & Alexander Mag Guide


Polish Frame Feed Ramp




Trigger Work

Fit Match Trigger


Smooth Action - Polish All Internal Parts


Carry  (3¼ - 5 lbs)


Competition (2 to 2½ lbs)


NOTE: All trigger jobs require a lightweight trigger.  In addition Competition jobs require a new hammer, sear and disconnector. Any trigger job may necessitate replacement of the thumb and/or grip safety to ensure proper engagement to sear and trigger bow...



General Metal Work

Open Gun Slide Swoop Lightening Cut


Brazos Style Lightening Holes


"Mitch" Style Lightening Cuts


Install slide racker - ball detent


Install Brazos slide racker


Lower and relieve ejection port


Modify frame for high hand grip $82.50

Machine Checker Front Strap, 20 or 25 lines per inch


Machine Checker Front Strap, 30 lines per inch


Checker Front of Trigger Guard @ 40 lpi


Checker Under Trigger Guard @ 40 lpi


Checker rear of Slide @ 40 lpi


Flat Top of Slide


Flat Top and Serrate Slide


Flat Top and Serrate Slide - "arrow" pattern $220.00

Tri-top Slide


French Border Top of Slide Flat


Machine Front Cocking Serrations in Slide $125.00

Drill and Tap Frame for Scope Mount


Countersink slide stop hole $80.00

NOTE: Add 20% to above for all stainless steel metal work

Prices quoted are for labor only, and do not include parts or refinishing



JPL Precision Policies


If an unsafe condition is discovered while performing another service on a firearm said condition will be repaired prior to returning the firearm to the customer.  We reserve the right to refuse to work on any firearm we consider to be excessively worn or abused or that will be a safety problem. All guns will be test fired before delivery; customer may supply ammunition if desired, or we will use the appropriate ammunition from our stock at the prevailing rates. All firearms that can not be test fired, will have our file copy of work ticket stamped "UNSAFE TO FIRE", and must be signed by customer.



Guns that come in disassembled will have a $35.00 surcharge added to check parts and reassemble for function check. Guns for repairs or custom work that have to be cleaned to perform other work will have a surcharge added (average $35.00).



Orders for parts or accessories will require a 50% deposit when order is placed.



We offer no specific written or implied warranty. We do all work to the highest gunsmithing standards and stand behind our work. We intend to please the customer and will work with you to resolve any problems that may arise. We accept no responsibility for voided manufacture’s warranty or other gunsmith’s warranty. Any liability or damages on our part is limited to the amount charged for the work that was done.  We are not responsible for any modifications affecting our work, or any misuse or negligence of the operator of the firearm.  The customer waives all warranties not expressly made in writing and waives any and all claims based upon negligence or product liability laws. The customer acknowledges the inherent danger of firearms and agrees to hold JPL Precision harmless for any injury or death arising from the use or misuse of any firearm that JPL Precision has performed any work on or modified at customer's direction.